Sandy’s Serving – Anticipation Pie with a Slice of Optimism

I’m hungry and headed over to my favorite Italian restaurant for some homemade gnocchi because it’s Thursday and they make it for me. [I know I’ve said it 4 times and it’s STILL cool.]

Last night East Coast time, my father told me he will venture on the roads today to survey the damage from Hurricane Sandy of his New Jersey home.  Someone else has made it there safely and emailed the route so he won’t encounter troubles.

What will he find? 

We already know his car didn’t have floaties.

For the last 8 hours of my day in Japan while he sleeps in NJ, I’ve been trying to be positive because LBI and Mantaloking were demolished and at least I know the buildings and roads exist.

I was going to post pictures from or other sites but you’ve probably looked at them too.  I was optimistic from posts on Jersey Shore Hurricane News Facebook page that the utility crews were making progress, the streets are getting cleaned up, and it might be ok.

I’ve also distracted myself by trying to schedule a trip this weekend and get back to blogging about Japan.   My favorite site:– they are better than any guidebook you can find.  The pictures of these beautiful places is soothing and I think its time for another walk in the woods.

Good luck, Dad.  Be safe today.  I can’t wait to see the pictures.



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