Jersey Shore

My sister and I spent many days in the summer as a kid at a man-made beach called Dalanbachs.  EBCB (our initials) was for East Brunswick Community Beach.  There was a swimming hole and a lake side where we use paddle boats.  They had a diving board on a bulkhead that you could swim out to.  I remember burning myself on the black interior of the car every time it was time to go home.

We also went Sandy Hook.  It was the closest beach to our home and we got to play in the ocean.  We would stay for hours in the sun digging for sand crabs and collecting them in buckets of water.  My sister and I also got to be very proficient at jumping when the waves came in the surf.

As we got older, we would take family vacations in Wildwood, NJ and while I was in college, my sister and I would venture to Long Beach Island, NJ.  Ron Jon’s surf shop shirts were all the rage.

After college, many people rented shore houses.  I met my husband in Avalon, NJ at my sister’s beach house.  My sister was one of the 22 people in the house and so was my husband.  We kayaked around Avalon which we consider to be our first date.

Photo of Avalon purchased at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver. Mark McKinnon Photographer

About 10 years ago, my parents bought a place in Point Pleasant on the canal between Barnagat Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.  With a back deck that is on the canal, it is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset with a glass of chardonnay.  More recently, it’s the perfect spot to teach the nieces why live lobsters have rubber bands on their claws.

Apprehensive at watching lobsters at first

The Jersey Shore has long been part of my life, as many who live in Philly and New Jersey.  Living in Japan while the water consumes my parents car and hopefully, not house, has been difficult.  My prayers continue for those that need help and for the strength for those to rebuild.

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3 Responses to Jersey Shore

  1. Marie says:

    Keeping your parents in my prayers! Hoping that things aren’t too bad when they are able to return. Your nieces are just so adorable.

  2. jerseyshorestories says:

    What a beautifully written series of memories. I would love to reblog this, or better yet, invite you to share your story on

    The Shore has become a home, a second home,and a home away from home for millions and the memories occupy a special place in all of our hearts. While structures come and go, tides change, and summer friends move away, reminiscing of seasons past keep the shore a vibrant place with its own cultural mythology. I want to capture those memories at

    Please, share your story!

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