A View of Frankenstorm from the Land of Godzilla

My parents live on the Jersey Shore.  Specifically, they live on a canal near a very nice beach – which was just featured on WeatherChannel.com.

I was in a 1,000 year flood when I was a freshly minted civil engineer in which I told my parents, “don’t worry, I can swim”. *   The Red Cross was handing out food just 2 days later.  The town was destroyed.  Afterward, two inches of mud caked everything and there was a huge line to get tetanus and hepatitis shots.

A view of the massive hurricane courtesy of NOAA

My parents just used that line on me yesterday coupled with we’re FINE.  [As an aside, that is what she said when my dad said he had cancer, which he did.  I really don’t like we’re FINE.]

They have insurance and a good other daughter who can take them in.  I’m sure it won’t be as devistating as the catastrophic tsunami that still plagues Northern Japan or hopefully, be less destructive than when Hurricane Katrina that ripped through New Orleans.

To quote Mr. Christie, Governor of New Jersey, “don’t be stupid”.  Sorry, it’s just so Jersey, it bears repeating.

Be safe.  Heed the evacuations.  You are not tougher than Mother Nature.


*For the record, I CAN swim.

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1 Response to A View of Frankenstorm from the Land of Godzilla

  1. Mah says:

    We’re at Erin’s and we’re fine

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