Not Lost in Translation, just Lost

Lost was going to be the name of my blog because for some unknown reason, I find myself lost all the time. My favorite time was when I had 2 gps devices and went 15 miles in the wrong direction in Phoenix, Arizona. There was another guilty party involved but I get 100 percent of the credit.

During the first three months of living in Japan, I was constantly lost. Naturally, adjusting to the JR Railways took a bit of time. Walking I would get lost as well. But if you’re flexible and see it as an adventure, it doesn’t matter. If you’re actually trying to get somewhere, it’s irritating. It wasn’t until I met a couple from Sweden that confirmed I might not be 100 percent to blame.

Street maps do not always point north.

There are street maps all over. Last week at lunch, I decided to provide some evidence.




Of course, now that I have my pocket wifi, I just use Google maps.

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1 Response to Not Lost in Translation, just Lost

  1. Our Adventure in Croatia says:

    gosh I would be lost as well looking at those maps!

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