Sardines in a can have the best fit


Fit is for sardines in a can.  It’s a word used for forcing conformity.  The act of making everything the same.  It is what people use to judge differences and dismiss them.

Japan has been a pretty uniform place.  Looks, acts, foods, etc.  This trip I’ve noticed many acceptances of differences.  Do I get looks for being 5’9″ and blonde?  I don’t know. But certainly I don’t fit.    I will never be Japanese or have straight, black hair.

A Japanese women friend of mine said they didn’t fit because of x, y, z.  I didn’t get a chance to tell her that my definition of fit in Japan is friendly, hospitable and open – all of which she is.

So many people are judged by fit.  If we change the metric, can we have more diversity of looks, thoughts and behavior for the same intended outcome?

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1 Response to Sardines in a can have the best fit

  1. Grace says:

    I am the exact opposite of you — short and dark-haired. When I was new in CZ, I also didn’t “fit.”

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