Stovetop Shepherds Pie Results


I made Coq Au Vin once and it was Purple Chicken soup, reminiscent of Bridget Jones Diary Blue String Soup. I told my husband, maybe I just picked the wrong wine? So I did it again. Clearly, a roux technique issue. I wanted to try a third time and he said no.

Mise en place was a little more involved. A technique used by real chefs of having your stuff in order before you start. It’s REALLY helped me enjoy cooking because if I’m out of something, I know well in advance. But my flat has 2 of everything – not 20 Crate and Barrel mini-bowls my husband despises cleaning – so I made due.

Well, stove top shepherds pie had a purple chicken issue. The stove top squash turned out fabulous as I thought it would. Multiple batches of Wolfgang Puck’s Pumpkin Ravioli taught me that. The roux of broth [Japanese soup stock watered down by 4] mixed with a Jacob’s Creek Shiraz Cabernet was purple. The chicken, onions, garlic, mushrooms, and broth are still simmering. Onions and carrots cook in an oven more pretty well.

I ate the squash. Its 9pm and I’m starving. Next time, weekend for experiments.




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