Japanese quirky mixed sandwiches

Occasionally, I like to get a mixed sandwich for breakfast.  I first learned of such a thing at the famous convenient stores of Japan.  It’s like a club sandwich where there’s a piece of bread, filling, another piece of bread, another filling, and the final piece of bread.  I know – carb city.  But wait until you hear the fillings.  POTATO SALAD.  mmmmm.  My college roommates and friends can attest to my obsession with potato salad but potato salad between 2 pieces of white bread? MMMMMM.  On the other side of that middle slice of empty calories – EGG SALAD with TOMATO.  The other half was HAM AND CHEESE WITH MAYO.  Future blog topic on the crazy things they do with mayo here.  And TUNA completed the mix.

After one of our famous “parties” (10 course dinner with lots of liquid refreshments), I had an even better mixed sandwich – FRIED PORK CUTLET.  That one looks weird because of you were to go to McDonald’s and get a fried chicken sandwich, the bread would have more heft.  This is still good ol’ white bread.

They serve mix sandwiches everywhere.  Convenient stores, Starbucks, and restaurants.  Most have the crusts cut off as if they were tea cakes.  Pictures forthcoming.

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