I am not a real blonde

Not that you would know it, I act very blonde at times.  Accidentally getting on an express train and being trapped in the car after all the people exited probably tops my blondeness in Japan.

We are talking about beauty maintenance routines.

Every 6 weeks, I get my hair cut and colored.  I should restate that – when I lived in the US, I got my hair done every 6 weeks.  Highlights, low lights, sometimes 2 different highlights.  Being a blonde, I follow a strict routine.  However, its been 9 weeks since my last appointment and its fair to say, people know I’m not a real blonde.  Actually, my hair most resembles a plant at present.

People in Japan have hair. Expats in Japan get their hair cut.  I know.  But I don’t speak Japanese.  I can do the mime-thing for food but blonde highlights?  Would you take that risk?

If you are a blonde woman living in Tokyo, can you post the name of your salon?  I have 3 weeks to go and its only going to get uglier.  I can sport baseball caps in Denver but not here.





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1 Response to I am not a real blonde

  1. Pat Campbell says:

    Want me to throw some Clairol Nice’n easy in the mail?

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