Tonight’s Dinner Challenge – ingredients to a US recipe

I get Sunset Magazine on iTunes and the cover recipe is a pumpkin shepherds pie. As an Irish person and a big fan of comfort food, I love shepherds pie. In looking at the ingredients list – carrots, onions, mushrooms, meat, pumpkin – no problem. This is something I can make here.


Flour – first pick was corn starch. Glad I asked. I confirmed my second selection with the cashier. The wheat on the package was a strong clue I got it right.

Cream – the viscosity upon shaking it seems like cream. The photo of a milk jug looks promising. Didn’t ask.

Broth – I bought a bottle of something that has soup on the front. If not, I can water down the soba sauce from yesterday.

Lamb – no chance. Picked cubed chicken 100 grams for 312 yen.

Parsley – easily identifiable.

My next challenge – measuring. I’m a good enough cook to guess and it’s shepherds pie so it’s pretty easy but my rice cooker measuring cup is mL. Rant about US not conforming to metric in a future blog or paper sizes! Printer always jammed!!!

The bigger challenge – no oven. So tomorrows strategy will be to stove top cook a shepherds pie. I need a rest so I bought an easy dinner for tonight.


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6 Responses to Tonight’s Dinner Challenge – ingredients to a US recipe

  1. Angela Duncan says:

    Did you make it tonight? I love shepherds pie! I may have to make it!

  2. Colleen says:

    It’s lunch here. About to eat gnocchi they made just for me and now have gnocchi on Every Thursday!!!!!!! I love This place!

  3. Michelle Doane says:

    Being not such a great lover of Asian cuisine, I think it would kill me to not have access to my ooking staples for a year. Can you get things like chipotles en adobo? Butternut squash? Brussels sprouts? It would be hard to modify recipes, good luck and I hope it turns out. (I have that issue of Sunset too, I think I’ll make that same recipe, they look delicious!)

    • Colleen says:

      I don’t eat chipotles but there’s no shortage of spicy peppers (Thai and Chinese). Squash – had it last night, its very popular. Brussel sprouts – haven’t looked, not that big of a fan unless there’s bacon involved. Tonight will be veg-in-a-pot with the spicy sauce that’s been sold out for 2 weeks.

  4. Marie says:

    The no oven thing is a huge challenge! I lived with a two-burner gas stove and a toaster oven all three years I lived in Japan. Do you have a toaster oven? If not, you might want to procure one! My husband had an oven in his apato, but then again he was spoiled in so many ways!!! (Including having a washer that was not hand-drained and manual like mine!

    • Colleen says:

      I have a toaster over/convection oven/microwave. What it is to me, is a microwave with Japanese buttons so I push the red one which is 1 minute for anything I need. Otherwise, stovetop. Its a nice induction stove. I was swirling around the Le Creuset store the other day because I could use a larger pot.

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