Restauranteurs are so nice here!

I just had lunch at my favorite Italian place.  They make their own spaghetti and pastas and its really, really good.  I go on Tuesdays because they are tough days and to sit in a white table cloth restaurant with fantastic food ups my spirits.

I’ve been there quite often and I’m one of very few blonde women so they recognize me.  Actually, now that I think about it, I’m recognized at most restaurants I frequent.  Today I asked the waiter when they were making gnocchi again because it was so good.  He spoke to the chef in Italian and they asked me when I would come back and they will make gnocchi.  So I said tomorrow.  Homemade gnocchi tomorrow because I asked!

I had to blog about this topic because I actually know several restaurant owners.  At the lovely French place upstairs, I was the only person there for dinner so I started talking and the next time I went in with coworkers I was greeted by name.  This does not happen to me at Bistro Vendome in Denver where we’ve been eating regularly for 8 years.  Its pretty fantastic, especially for a foodie.  In an Italian place in Noge, I was going every Saturday night, they asked if I wanted the usual [caprese salad + margarhita pizza + chardonnay] when I walked in.  We went to Teds in Aspen Grove every Sunday for months and were barely noticed.

Is it the warmth and friendliness of the Japanese culture?  I think so.

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1 Response to Restauranteurs are so nice here!

  1. Marie says:

    I still miss the restaurants in Japan–we had so many favorites, especially living in Osaka, the restaurant capital of Japan! Of course, I paid for it after three years eating so well!

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