Guess What’s For Dinner #2 – Soba

In Nagano, I went to a famous soba town and brought back some to cook for dinner. Yes, I know, there’s a famous shop nearby that can make soba and clean up for less than what I paid for the daikon radish.

The excuse that I’m publicly posting my dinners was not lost on me so I went to my favorite shop (which they need to rename ThisIsWhyYouDontHaveAnAparmentInParis) and picked up some traditional wares. The manager was not sold that I could use a ramen bowl for soba but after checking the price, he assured me it would be ok.

I happily walked over to my neighborhood supermarket and picked up the daikon- check. Green onion- check. Sauce – no way I’m going to get it right. So I looked around and only gaijin. I hunted for a Japanese women who clearly stated iie (no) and helped me pick the right sauce. Cheated for the first time!

Upon coming home, soba has the sauce included! Of course they do! They won’t let you screw up fresh soba.

Oishii! Bummer, I think I was supposed to do fresh wasabi. Oh well, it was the best soba I ever had.







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