Discovery Sunday – Shrine and National Park

A walk in the woods can cure all ails.

Despite a comedy of errors getting to Togakushi Shrine, it was worth it. Beautiful shrine with sacred 800 year old trees, amazing vistas and getting lost finding a forest. Having spent the last 8 years hiking around Denver and the Rocky Mountains, I am not a city Joshii (girl). So when I read about Nagano having good colors, I was all over it.

Greetings at the train station.


Taken from a cab, not bad. I didn’t do my usual planning until too late so I missed the hourly bus by 5 minutes (because I was lost) so I took a 50 minute cab ride. Pretty sure the guy was trying to talk me out of it.


You probably can’t see but it’s a thatched roof. There was one with a tree growing in it!


Soba shop. Bought some to bring home but I didn’t eat while I was there.


Due to technical difficulties with my camera, this was taken with the iPad. Really doesn’t capture the grandeur and scale of it.





So at the station, there are always kiosks that sell take away and I had a large Kirin in hand when I saw wine. Wine! You never see wine. And then I tasted it. Using a Vicks cough syrup size cup. I may age it for another 10 years.

Tomorrow – soba at home!


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1 Response to Discovery Sunday – Shrine and National Park

  1. Marie says:

    Stick to the sake and beer ! I liked plum wine when I was there in my early 20s but suspect I’d find it too sweet now.

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