Irish are 7-0 because I can’t see them

Notre Dame just beat BYU. How do I know? My Sports Center app alarm just went off. I could have gotten up at 3:30am, taken a $100 cab ride to Tokyo, and watched them on the Armed Forces Network in a military facility with the Notre Dame Club of Japan but I didn’t.

It’s a fall Sunday and that means one thing to me – football. I grew up watch the Giants and listening to my father tell Phil Simms to move his feet. Then my sister went to Notre Dame, I went to Notre Dame for grad school and both my sister and I married Eagles fans. And living in Denver, now my husband and I added Broncos fans to the list. I like watching football.

The time difference is painful. Last Monday, my Sports Center app dinged the whole time Peyton Manning recovered from a spanking to pull off a Broncos win on Sunday night football. My husband was texting me on Skype in amazement of the turn of events. It’s just not the same.

So I guess Notre Dame should thank me for being in Japan because I know they are 7-0 because I can’t see them.

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6 Responses to Irish are 7-0 because I can’t see them

  1. Mah says:

    Go Irish! Love mah

  2. Angela Duncan says:

    Thank you, Colleen, for making the sacrifice of living in Japan so the Irish can have a winning season:) Definitely taking one for the team.

  3. ChildishMan says:

    If a 7-0 team falls (in the woods or elsewhere), and no one is around to see them, did they really fall? Hmmm, deep thoughts are not my specialty.

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